NaturalVue by VTI

NaturalVue Contact Lenses are a daily disposable lens made from a Hydrogel material and has a Class2 UV Blocker.

The optics of the lens are designed for presbyopic adults (who both a distance and near prescription) and also for children who are showing Myopic Progression (increase in their short-sighted prescription).


Myopia Management and NaturalVue

NaturalVue contact lenses correct for the peripheral defocus that naturally occurs with conventional contact lenses or spectacle lenses.  This peripheral defocus has been proven to be a stimulus for the eye to grow longer (axial elongation), thus causing a myopic prescription to increase (progression).

One of the advantages of the NaturalVue lens is the large range of powers, available from +4.00DS up to -12.25DS in 0.25DS steps.