Intuitive Colorimetry

This service is offered at our Canterbury & Ashford practices.

The Intuitive Colorimeter is a device used to calculate a precise and individual coloured tint to relieve perceptual distortions in visual stress. By using the Colorimeter, the optometrist can find the optimal precision tint for an individual, this tint can then be used in a pair of spectacles.

Spectacles are often a much more convenient way to use a tint as you can view a computer screen, look at a white board and write, which you cannot do using an overlay.
The colour of an overlay and that of the equivalent tinted lens are not always the same!

Initially a full eye examination, muscle and focusing assessment will have been conducted and a coloured overlay trialed and found to be beneficial.
In a similar way to determining a preferred colour for an overlay you, or your child will be asked to view some printed text in a range of coloured lighting conditions.  The instrument independently changes the 3 parameters of the tint; hue (colour), saturation (depth) and brightness while the eyes are colour adapted. The optometrist will help you find the most comfortable colour for you to read.

The colour calculated for a spectacle tint is rarely the same as for an overlay, this is due to how light differs when it is reflected and absorbed.

Tint sample:

Click a colour to sample the overlay effect and use the slide bar to adjust the stength of the colour:

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Please note that we are not Meares Irlen Screeners and we do not diagnose or treat dyslexia, but aim to help with Visual Stress symptoms that maybe associated with these conditions.

This service is offered at our Ashford & Canterbury practices.

* Please note the 2nd Pair 50% Offer does not apply to therapeutic tinted spectacles.