Eye Conditions

An image of a Healthy Eye

An eye examination not only checks the health of your eyes but can also give clues about your general health.

If we suspect a problem we will explain to you what we have seen and communicate our finding to your GP with your consent.

Retinal Photography is available at all our practices for a more detailed examination of your eyes, learn more here.

Eye & General Health Conditions we can check for

  • Dry Eyes– your tears comprise of several fluids, if the balance of these is incorrect you will experience dry eye symptoms e.g. gritty, burning, watery eyes, episodes of blurring.
  • Cataract– when the lens inside your eye looses its transparency causing blurring and glare.
  • Glaucoma– if left untreated this can lead to damage of the optic nerve associated with raised intra-ocular pressure. There is a strong family link with this condition.
  • Dry AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the central vision gradually looses its clarity.
  • Wet AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, more rapid loss of central vision associated with visual distortion.
  • Signs of Diabetes– small leaks and bleeds from the blood vessels within the eye.
  • Signs of High Blood Pressure– characteristic changes of the blood vessels within the eye
  • Signs of Thyroid problems– characteristic changes to your eye position, affects to eye muscle control, eyelid position and tear film.