Eye Conditions

An image of a Healthy Eye

An eye examination not only checks the health of your eyes but can also give clues about your general health.

If we suspect a problem we will explain to you what we have seen and communicate our finding to your GP with your consent.

Retinal Photography is available at all our practices for a more detailed examination of your eyes, learn more here.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) allows us to see the structures of the retina (and the vitreous just in front of the retina) by scanning the back of the eye in amazing detail.  This is especially useful for detecting & monitoring AMD and differentiating between Dry and Wet (treatable) AMD, learn more here.

Eye & General Health Conditions we can check for

  • Dry Eyes– your tears comprise of several fluids, if the balance of these is incorrect you will experience dry eye symptoms e.g. gritty, burning, watery eyes, episodes of blurring.
  • Cataract– when the lens inside your eye looses its transparency causing blurring and glare.
  • Glaucoma– if left untreated this can lead to damage of the optic nerve associated with raised intra-ocular pressure. There is a strong family link with this condition.
  • Dry AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the central vision gradually looses its clarity.
  • Wet AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, more rapid loss of central vision associated with visual distortion.
  • Signs of Diabetes– small leaks and bleeds from the blood vessels within the eye.
  • Signs of High Blood Pressure– characteristic changes of the blood vessels within the eye
  • Signs of Thyroid problems– characteristic changes to your eye position, affects to eye muscle control, eyelid position and tear film.

The College of Optometry has set up a website on how you can look after your eyes at https://lookafteryoureyes.org/