Children’s EyeCare

Your child’s vision develops from their first day in this world until they reach approximately 8 years of age.  It is essential that during these early years any visual problems are detected early and that any treatments can have their optimum effect.

Cargills Optometrists supports the AOP ‘Back to School Campaign’.

Cargills opticians will make the whole process of you child having their eyes examined fun and exciting, we have special tests just for kids and we will ensure they are seeing well, their eyes are healthy, their eye muscles are working properly and that their colour and 3D vision is normal for their age, in essence that their visual development is progressing normally.

We generally test children’s eyes from 4 years old, but if you suspect a problem please visit us or alternatively see your GP.

A child under the age of 16 years is entitled to a NHS funded sight test and spectcles if required.

If your child does need glasses we have a fantastic range of frames to choose from and can even dispense prescription sunglasses and Contact lenses for children were appropriate.

Remember a child does not know how well they should be seeing and they may not display any signs of having a problem.

Retinal Photography is available at all our practices for a more detailed examination of your child’s eyes and is free up to 16 years of age, learn more here.


Warning Signs

If you suspect that there is anything wrong, make an appointment with us as soon as possible. Here are some common signs to look for:

  • Excessive Blinking
  • Squinting or screwing up the eyes to see
  • Peering closely at books and TV
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor performance at school
  • Reluctantness to read
  • Headaches

Increase in Myopia (Short-sightedness)

In recent years we are seeing more children become myopic at a younger age and ultimately having a higher myopic prescription.  Thankfully there are now several options to limit the progression of myopia using either specialist spectacle lenses or contact lenses, this approach is known as Myopia Management, to find out more click here.


Children’s Frames

We think our children’s frame range is great, it’s colourful and fun. Many of our frames are wholly funded by the NHS voucher scheme, or you can use your voucher value towards a higher value cost pair. We even have some themed frames that your child will recognise, so they will be spoilt for choice!

Nike FlexonOur qualified Dispensing Opticians will take all the appropriate measurements, ensure a good fit (with a little room for growing) and make the whole process fun and enjoyable.  Is your child tough on glasses? Why not consider our extra durable ‘Flexon’ Nike range.


Mira Flex frame range

Infant Frames

We welcome Hospital prescriptions for infants and carry their approved ‘Mira Flex’ frame range with head straps to ensure a good fit.


Young Persons Range

Children’s frames too small, adult frames too large? See our great Young Persons/Adolescent range of frames.

Young Persons/Adolescent range of frames

Fashionable styles with some recognisable brands like ‘Bench’ and ‘Animal’ means there will be a great choice for you to choose from.



Through the natural wearing of spectacles and accidents frames can get mis-shapen and screws loosen. Any further adjustments to your child’s spectacles are included in our service.  If the frame has been broken or lost they can often be replaced using a special NHS repair voucher, just pop in to your local practice and we will help you, no appointment is necessary.


Sunglasses & UV protection 


Ultraviolet (UV) damage is cumulative and reflected light from water or snow can double the exposure of harmful UV rays.  Protection from UV exposure should begin early in life, it is estimated that 80% of lifetime absorption occurs before the age of 18.

You can use our 2nd Pair 50% Discount on children’s frames so that they can be made as prescription sunglasses.


Do you need a Spare Pair?

Unfortunately the NHS will only issue one optical voucher at a time.  If it would be useful to have a spare pair of spectacles for your child you can use our 2nd Pair 50% Discount on children’s frames.


Contact Lenses for Children & Young Adults

Contact Lenses are an option for children and young adults, and can actually be the preferred option for correcting high prescriptions.  When fitting children with contact lenses we take extra care to ensure the continued health of the eyes and to minimise any risk of complications or infections.  Our preferred choice of lenses are daily disposable contact lenses as a new, clean lens is used each time.  Contact Lenses can be a great option for sports or giving your child confidence.

If you feel your child is capable of wearing contact lenses please talk to your optometrist. For more information about contact lenses, please see our Contact Lens webpage.


Myopia Management & Myopia Control Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Short Sightedness (Myopia) is becoming more common, now there is an option to try limit it’s progression.  Click to find out more Myopia Management options.

Coloured Overlays

Cargills opticians can also test your child for Visual Stress, ‘photopic sensitivity’ also known as Meares Irlen syndrome, which is often associated with Dyslexia.  This can affect your child’s ability to read due to the appearance of printed text looking too bright causing words and letter to move about the page.  Coloured overlays of a specific colour can help reduce this effect and reading performance can improve dramatically.  After a coloured overlay has been proven to help we can test to see which colour in tinted spectacles would offer the same benefit using our Colourimeter, the colour of an overlay and that of a tinted lens are not always the same!

Please read more about Coloured Overlays and Colorimetry in or Specialist Services pages.


Please note that frame ranges do vary between practices, please contact your local practice if you are looking for a particular frame brand.