TOKAI- The World’s Thinnest Lens

 ‘The worlds thinnest lens’ now available at Cargills Optometrists.

Tokai’s 1.76 index material – ‘the worlds thinnest lens’ has come to Cargills Optometrists, and this amazing bespoke lens material is now available to perfectly complement your new spectacles, helping you achieve the optimum in aesthetic and optical performance.

What makes this material so exciting is that not only is it the thinnest, but also…..

  •  Suitable for rimless frames – The flexibility of the 1.76 material makes it an ideal companion for rimless frames, combining super thin aesthetics, lightweight construction and superior optics never before available to people with more complex prescriptions
  • Full sunglass tint availability– Unlike most high index materials, Tokai’s 1.76 index can be tinted to full sunglass specification, providing full protection from bright conditions… getting thin for summer has never been this easy!
  • Available in Transitions – Tokai’s 1.76 material can be combined with the latest Transitions technology, ensuring you’ll look your best whatever the weather.

The 1.76 material uses a custom made monomer developed by Tokai, which gives it the flexibility to combine the properties mentioned above and stand alone as a truly unique and exciting product.

Who are Tokai?

Tokai are a Japanese bespoke lenswear manufacturer with more than 70 years’ experience in developing and producing the highest quality ophthalmic lenses.

As the designer and manufacturer of the world’s thinnest lens, Tokai’s mission is to continue to pioneer new technologies to develop the most advanced lenses in the world.


Contact us today to experience ‘The Wold’s Thinnest Lens’ for yourself!