MiyoSmart by HOYA

MiyoSmart is a spectacles lens that is specially designed to slow down the rate of myopic progression (short-sightedness).  In clinical trials it has been proven to reduce myopic progression by up to 60%.

Myopic Progression is typically associated with ‘axial elongation’ of the eyeball (eye getting longer).  The stimulus for this is now understood to be ‘peripheral defocus’ in the eye which is a natural consequence of using traditional spectacle lenses or contact lenses.  MiyoSmart spectacle lenses are specially designed using D.I.M.S Technology (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) for correcting this peripheral defocus and therefore reducing the rate of myopic progression.

Advantages of MiyoSmart

  • Spectacle lens option for myopia management.
  • Available in a wider prescription range than myopia management contact lenses, and suitable for myopia with larger levels of astigmatism.
  • Made from polycarbonate material they are strong, safe, thin and light & also come with a UV filter.
  • MiyoSmart lenses are available at each of our Cargills practices.



How does D.I.M.S. Technology work?


MiyoSmart lenses are now also available in Sunglasses.